Speaking & Writing

Having spent the bulk of his life working for equality for all Americans, in the legal and public arenas, Howard L. Feinstein now continues on that path through writing, teaching, and public speaking. His speaking appearances, in particular, have convinced him that it is especially important for young people to know the history of the battle against racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and other forms of discrimination. This is not only in the interest of knowing our history, but in order that that struggle – which, unfortunately, has not yet been completely won – might more effectively continue on.

With a new book due out later this year, recounting his efforts to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan and other purveyors of racial violence, and considerable legal and academic experience, Mr. Feinstein offers a unique perspective on civil rights and other legal issues. His lectures, discussions, and classes have been widely praised for their timeliness and emotional power.